Thursday, April 2, 2020

Bimbo by Nikki S. Jenkins (feminization bimbofication)

Not only is Nikki S. Jenkins a veritable queen of TG captions over at The Feminization Station, but she is also a prolific author of erotic transgender fiction, often with themes of forced feminization and mind control. While I have reviewed a few of her stories, including Control (one of her earliest) and the first 7 books of her Omar Bell Universe (which currently stands at 12), it has been far too long since our last literary encounter.

That brings me to Bimbo, one of her more recent tales, and one that is full of naughty surprises! It all begins with Chris Price, a driven young man who is obsessing over his college studies to the exclusion of any sort of personal life, all in preparation for taking over his deceased father's company. When he heads home for spring break, however, he discovers that his cold, cruel stepmother has different plans - she expects him to start low and work his way up.

It is when he returns home for Christmas that things start becoming odd. His stepmother is dressed like a porn star, smiling, acting friendly, and even getting along with his sister, Olivia. What is even more odd is the fact Olivia is 'policing' her stepmother's behavior - all part of a public relations shift at the family company, they assure him. What sends him reeling, though, is the sight of his stepmother with her face buried between Olivia's legs later that night.

All of that, of course, is just set up - establishing the characters, laying out the situation, and planting the hints and teases for what is to come when Chris graduates and takes his place in the family business . . . as a secretary. The feminization and mind control aspects of the story are slow and subtle, beautifully conveyed by Chris' increasingly fragile emotional state long before we begin to see any physical evidence. Once the story moves into full-on bimbofication, there is a glorious progression in the way his declining mental faculties and altered personality feed his need for more extreme transformation.

Bimbo gets increasingly taboo and deliciously explicit in the final chapters, and the way Nikki reveals the grand scheme behind it all is fantastic. There are some dark twists in those chapters, with one cruel surprise heaped on another, but it all comes back to the strength of the the characters, reminding us of their journeys and making us feel for what has happened.

As a prolific member of the online transgender community, Nikki S. Jenkins has enjoyed enormous success via her blog, The Feminization Station, where she publishes captioned images, traditional text fiction, and illustrations. Her efforts have been rewarded with a huge following, and she continues to be one of the most consistent writers in the genre.