Thursday, April 16, 2020

Skewered On Spikes by Miss Irene Clearmont (femdom chastity footfetish)

If you have a fetish for women's feet and high heels, then you are going to love Skewered On Spikes by Miss Irene Clearmont - and if you only have a fetish for female domination, prepare to start thinking about feet in a whole new way!

Frank is a lonely man, an introvert with a fear of women and a passion for heels. A chance encounter at the gentleman's outfitters where he works introduces him to Mrs Katie Verbero, and his attention to detail lands him a job offer at Spiked Soul, the high-end exclusive shoe boutique she owns.

It is a dream job for Frank, one that allows him to apply his fetishist's eye to the perfect heals for each customer, even as it prompts him to increasingly submissive acts of customer service, until he is being penetrated by spiked heels and licking his own mess from the pantyhose-clad toes that stroked him to orgasm.

Although Miss Irene always has fun with issues of consent, she blurs the lines here in a whole new way. There is absolutely no doubt that Frank is being manipulated, placed into a dire situation, and he has his doubts and his fears about where he finds himself, but as he comes to realize, he was always being led, not forced, to serve and that is what keeps the fantasy alive.

Miss Irene Clearmont writes Female Domination erotica - love and obsession, fetish and lust, immoral and debauched, engaging and occasionally pushing the limits of the reader's imagination. She covers the whole spectrum from sweet to spice in a series of novels and collections of short stories. She may not be to everyone's taste, but she is never boring!

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