Saturday, April 4, 2020

TGCaption - Relationship Refresher (chastity pegging femdom)

TG Captions are one of my favorite forms of storytelling. There is no narrative fluff, no extraneous details, just the hook, the twist, and the climax.

I was thinking yesterday was going to be my last quarantine/virus caption, as I would rather look forward and think of better days ahead, but I decided to sort of transition with a viral look ahead. I wonder what kinds of kinky fun couples are getting up to during isolation . . . and what the consequences might be!

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  1. You definitely channeled Kaaren on this one, unless you are in chastity yourself. I am blanking on that right now, so forgive me for not recalling it.

    I'm not usually fond of just crotch shots (of men or women) for captions but for this sort of story, it worked really well!

    1. A bit of both? :)

      Taking the lead from Kaaren and her Mistress, but I am happily back in chastity after a long dry spell. I just feel more content.

    2. Very interesting. So, is that caption true? It shrinks when it's in chastity? Does it grow back again? What about the testicleS? Inquiring minds what to know, and perhaps use that information in future captions!

    3. Our experience (and the longest we've done is a month without release) is that it definitely shrinks a bit while in chastity, and needs a little extra encouragement immediately after release, but does go back to normal.

      From what I've read, long-term chastity (years) can have even more significant shrinkage while caged, enabling smaller cages, but it still returns to normal if left unlocked for a few days.

      To be healthy, the occasional unlocked night is recommended (healthy nocturnal erections preserve tissue), and the occasional release or milking is recommended (for prostate health).

      We've educated ourselves quite well. 😊

    4. Well if you want the opinion of someone who's been in chastity for years....with very few has shrunk considerably...we have progressed (regressed) to smaller and smaller cages as the time has gone by and the one I'm in now would have been laughable back when we started....I would never have fit, small as I already was....
      And yes I can and do grow a bit when released but I never really last long enough to get back to "normal"....she gets a good chuckle out of it and I get locked away again until she decides I've earned it!!!!
      Don't get me wrong....for hygiene reasons she releases me at least once a week to shower and wash away all my "little drips and drops" as she puts it....
      And with all of that....all I would ever have to do is use the word she gave me back at the beginning and I would be released right away....I never have yet....I'm not even sure I remember where I wrote it down!!!!

  2. She has to have something else at work. Maybe in the smoothies he drinks before their shared aerobics and yoga classes?