Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Setting the Record Straight: Hansel and Gretel & Sleeping Beauty by Trina Spillman (romance fairytale)

With Hansel and Gretel & Sleeping Beauty, the third book of Setting the Record Straight, Trina Spillman dips into another pair of fairy tales (one sensual and one surreal), but the main story here is that of Maggie McCullough, intrepid reporter for the The Daily Mirror.

The first story really belongs to Willow, the forest witch of the Hansel and Gretel story, and she has some uncomfortable truths to reveal. After she caught the young teens in a compromising position, they broke into her cottage, attacked her, and nearly cooked her in her own oven. She was spared, but the King and Queen have prevented her from telling the truth, and when she shares it with Maggie she puts the young reporter in danger as well. Without spoiling the story, there is a lovely moment between Willow and Maggie that is quiet, sensual, and full of delicious detail.

It is the second story that really excited me, with truths about Sleeping Beauty (and Maggie) I was not expecting. We get immersed in the magical side of Fablecastle and Fernfairy, complete with fairies, curses, magic spells, portals, and familiars. There is a bit of darkness to this story, some moments of genuine fear for Maggie, but there are also wonderful discoveries and even more romance with the Big Bad Wolf.

As lovely as that was, the tease of the next story is certain to raise some eyebrows, and that has me excited to see where things go next.

Author of Florida Frights: Ghosts of the Keys, a collection of strange but true, and meticulously researched, ghost stories, Trina Spillman has now ventured into the world of erotica. Her latest work--a rocking, ribald, humorous series entitled Setting the Record Straight--starts with the truth behind the tales of The Big Bad Wolf and Cinderella. Mrs. Spillman lives in South Florida with her husband and splits her time between their home on land and their houseboat where she hunkers down to create stories guaranteed to make you laugh, or cry ... or blush.

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