Wednesday, May 6, 2020

XChange Confessions by Gillian Hampton (genderswap bisexual)

I absolutely adore the concept behind the XChange Confessions stories! Gillian Hampton invites us to imagine a world with an X-Change Pill that allows uses to live out their fantasies in an idealized feminine form, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the strength of the little pink pill. The stories themselves are in a 'confessions' letter format, with readers of the magazine writing in to share their experiences with the pills.

XChange Confessions: Issue 1 contains six short confessions of varying styles and contents. Harry writes in to share how he's paying for college as an X-Change co-ed, working as an exotic dancer with all the erotic benefits. Another reader writes in to share how his friends drugged him and used while on a hunting trip. Tracey, a mother to 3 boys and wife of 25 years, shares how she was a young man experimenting with the pill, and how her roommate discovered her, loved her, and married her. Randy, a trucker from the other side of the gender divide, shares how his first encounter with an X-Change girl led to her becoming a favorite stop on his drive. In my personal favorite, a young man's obsession with crossdressing and Asian culture leads to pink pill experimentation and his first experience being molested by older men on the train.

XChange Confessions: Issue 2 continues the fantasy, and even opens with Gillian sharing some personal details in response to a reader's letter. The first story in this issue appears to be a follow-up to Tracey's story (calling herself Tiffany this time), with fabulous details of becoming a girl, bonding with her mother, and being intimate with Matt. Jane shares another story of an X-Change stripper, telling us about her audition, her first dance, and her first sexual experience with a man. Andy tells us how he agreed to become a girl in order to be his roomate's plus-one for a wedding . . . and how much he liked it! Randy the trucker returns with another tale, only this time he reached out to Gillian herself and found himself at her mercy. The last letter was, for me, the most interesting, with Tess writing about how she lost a bet, took her first pink pill, and discovered her inner feminine voice.

These stories are all short, fun, and casual. Some are more explicit than others, and some share a little more background or backstory, but the focus is very much on a scene or an experience that the 'readers' want to share. It is a great way to explore gender change, and I love the assumption that the X-Change pill is just a part of the culture, not something new or weird or experimental. What a world in which to live!

Gillian became interested in gender-bending when she went to school dressed as the opposite gender for "opposites day". Lover of nylon and exploring kinks and fetishes, she hopes you enjoy her naughty fantasies as she puts her MFA in Creative Writing to good use!

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