Saturday, June 20, 2020

NOW AVAILABLE: It's a Whole New FemWorld: A Quest For Balance

An exciting new release this week, a new erotic sci-fi tale in which M.C. Questgend kindly invited me to play in her world, collaborating on a tale of two sissies on a quest!

by Sally Bend & M.C. Questgend

Another standalone story based on the “It’s a Whole New FemWorld” universe created by M.C. Questgend.

The war between the sexes has gone badly for men, especially those living outside the cities. Without the emotional balance and guiding hand of women, the rebel camps have become a dark, violent places where only the fittest survive and the meanest thrive.

A Quest for Balance is the story of two misfit soldiers - bullied, abused, and driven into the arms of the very women they’re supposed to be fighting against. In their training as submissive sissies they will find their purpose and friendship. Entrusted with a mission to retrieve evidence of a medical miracle, one that could rewrite everything we know about gender, they will discover that together they really can change the world . . . if only the women back home will let them.

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