Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Sissy Instructions by Becky Huntingdon (sissy femdom erotica)

This weekend I had the pleasure of listening to Sissy Instructions by Becky Huntingdon, narrated by Piper Fairweather and I must say it was an entirely delightful experience. While I am usually more of a reader than a listener, the nature of Becky's tale, in which six different women speak directly to you, makes for a perfect transition to audio. It personalizes and heightens the whole experience.

There are five chapters to the story, beginning with Chloe, a professional female dominant who specializes in feminization. This is a wonderful chapter because it mixes instruction, encouragement, and humiliation in a sexy scene. 

The next chapter, Jenny, was far and away my favorite. She is a neighbor who catches you dressed, helps build your gay dating profile, and teaches you all about pleasing men. Her excitement and encouragement were, for me, absolutely perfect.

Tina, the personal shopper you hired, switches the tone back to dominant and humiliating, but the shopping experience is wonderful, and you can see yourself acquiring more and more femininity as the afternoon progresses. I preferred Jenny's happy friendship, but I loved this experience.

The last two chapters are rather short, but still very sexy. Rachael & Sara are two police officer who pull you over, discover you are a sissy, and humiliate your roadside. Your Girlfriend is, well, just that, and in coming out to her as a sissy you hand her total control of your relationship. These are simple humiliation scenarios, but if that is your kink, they are fun.

As an audiobook, Sissy Instructions is a lot of fun, with a perfect narrator to fit the stories. Piper has a lovely voice to listen to, she gets into the roles and dramatizes them nicely, and she even attempts a bit of an upper class accent for one chapter. Far be it from me to suggest how you should listen to this, but I could see myself dressing with her accompaniment. 

About Becky Huntingdon: Hi, I'm Becky, a sometimes boy, sometimes girl who loves writing naughty stories. Most of what I write is based on my experience living and crossdressing in Thailand.


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