Monday, June 29, 2020

The Apprentice by Yumi Cox (transgender bisexual)

I have been following Yumi Cox on social media for a while now, and even though her name initially made me giggle, I was impressed with everything I read. She seemed to be a clever, well-spoken author with a loving grasp of transgender themes and I was anxious to give her a read.

With The Exchange and The Apprentice both sitting before me, waiting for a read, it was a toss-up as to which I would choose first. Something about the virgin romance of The Apprentice just called to me a little bit louder, and I am so glad it did because it was a wonderful introduction that has me eager to read more.

This is the story of a young electrician's apprentice named Shane, a slender, long-haired boy who just wants to be helpful. When he joins his boss for a rewiring of the infamous Bella’s Bordello, where Madam X likes to pay in a trade of services, he find himself overwhelmed by the erotic allure of the women there. Natasha, a leather-clad beauty catches him in her web, teasing him, seducing him, and offering to provide his very own Virgin Conversion Therapy.

This is such a sex-positive, trans-positive story, I absolutely fell in love with the characters. Natasha's reveal is casual, and Shane's reaction is entirely sweet. There is no shock, surprise, or struggling with emotions. He is such a wonderful submissive, so eager to please and excited to learn, and as Shayna he is even more delicious. The erotic elements are explicit but tasteful, and they are as much about how Shane/Shayna feels as what they are feeling. 

There is a definite fantasy aspect to The Apprentice, an erotic dream come true, but there is also a sense of self-discovery and personal growth. My giggles overcome, the name Yumi Cox will only make me smile in warm delight from now on.

Yumi Cox is a young writer on the rise from the beautiful city of Newcastle, Australia via Kyoto, Japan. Growing up amongst the rich culture of Japan, Yumi was able to explore her imagination through comic books, short stories and classic novels. Moving to Australia at age thirteen, she experienced passion, love and sex for the first time, which she channels into her writing. Yumi spends her time equally between the traditional and reserved Japan and the youthful and vibrant Australia. Yumi chose to become a writer of erotic romance in order to embrace the duality of her life.


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