Monday, June 1, 2020

The Plummery Collection by Merry Sparrow (BDSM erotica)

The Plummery Collection is a collection of three short BDSM stories by Merry Sparrow. These are explicit tales of kinky encounters, not overly deep in terms of plot or characterization, but sumptuous in narrative detail.

The Colonial Benefits is something of an interracial cuckolding story, although it is more about swinging and open marriage than cheating. I like the way it played out with the slow tease and nervous uncertainty, with the punishment coming before the sex.

Shelta Time at the Shop is fun story that straddles the line of taboo with a young gypsy who gets caught stealing jewellery, then take into the back room for some corporal punishment from the shopkeeper. What makes it so exciting is the level of detail invested in that punishment, detailing the instruments, the sound, and the feel of impact.

Showboating the Felon Club does not just straddle that taboo line, it hops over it and dances sexually on the other side. All Mary wanted to do was surprise her husband and give him a sexy night upon his release from prison, but her little game of self-bondage goes wildly wrong when he brings several friends to the hotel room with him. This was terrifying, humorous, and exhilarating in equal measure.

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