Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Bushel of Peaches by Sorcha Rowan (lesbian bdsm)

A new story from Sorcha Rowan is always a treat, but a collection is like an entire box of chocolates, each one a slightly different flavor . . . but all with a touch of peach! Speaking of peaches, A Bushel of Peaches is her latest collection of 9 women-loving-women stories and they are an absolute delight.

The Tool is a brief BDSM scene featuring impact play and masturbation, hot and heavy and so very sexy, but there is also evidence of deeper character motivations behind it. The Naughty Doctor is a fun tale of a massage that leads to a clandestine closet encounter. The Juiciest Peach was so tasty, with the peach fuzz of a naked bottom and the fruity taste of body wash flavoring the erotic feast.

A Sweet Treat was so good, so sweet, so panty-wetting, it was my absolute favorite! A chocolate shop, mature lesbians, and erotic lovemaking lessons make for an unforgettable night. I so want to read more about Helen and Bren!

Lust in the Studio was a sexy story of photography, blushing, and passion, while Coming Early was an unexpected surprise about a, well, unexpected sexy surprise. New Knickers and Backdoor Access were two more tasty tale of tongues and mouths and secret places, one flossed with knickers and the other spiced with rosebuds. My Good Girl returns to the BDSM theme of the opening story, with lube, a paddle, a vibrator, a stainless steel dildo, and a selection of silk ties setting the scene.

These are all short, passionate stories of erotic abandon, but there are still the same wonderful character details and delicious dialogue that Sorcha does so very well.

A private person who's happiest in the mountains, Sorcha enjoys telling stories about finding new love in strange and wonderful places.

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