Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Sage by Wendy Anne (fantasy erotica)

With an introduction like "from masturbation to mastering the universe," there was no way I could resist Sage, the debut novel by Wendy Anne. I have actually had a copy in hand since . . . well, since before all this Covid madness began, but now that it is published I am ready to share my thoughts.

Trippy. Romantic. Spiritual. 

Those are the three words that immediately come to mind when I think back on story of Sage, the woman at the heart of the story. This is a story told in three layers - a contemporary drama, romantic dreams, and spiritual fantasies - that is imbued with three qualities - magic, love, and the divine. While there were some mystical parts to the story that went a little over my head, some details I do not understand well enough to appreciate, but the theme of the feminine divine and the way in which men have clipped our wings and stripped away the power of our sensuality was wonderful.

The first half of the book weaves back and forth between those contemporary moments and snippets of dreams so powerful they wake Sage's husband and leave her dazed and confused. The second half steps more solidly into the past, with an ancient Egyptian romance that I absolutely adored. It is when she awakens, though, that everything comes together and we see what the feminine power of sex and love can do to change the world.

Sage is a big book full of wonderful images and majestic ideas, told with a unique style and an even more unique voice. Just wonderful.

Growing up in an old Victorian mansion in Worcester, Massachusetts, with a wide range of eclectic and cultural backgrounds, Wendy Anne’s path was set to be a writer at an early age, as was her unconventional writing style. Adopted by a philanthropist, her home was filled with incredible women with great minds, but she was no stranger to the reality of growing up in what was considered one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. Drawing from Wendy Anne's personal inspiration, including her early love of music and dark romanticism, along with her spiritual studies and knowledge, has impacted her writing making Sage a sexy, unique and engaging read.


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