Wednesday, August 26, 2020

NEW RELEASE - Settling his Debts: Lawsuits and Lap Dances

Stephen Sanderson, former college professor turned nuisance lawsuit chaser, fancies himself a social activist. Refusing to accept responsibility for the misogynistic behavior that led to him losing his tenure, he likes to pretend his careful playing of the legal system is all about shining a light on reverse sexism and discrimination.

When he overstretches with his latest target, he finds himself trapped in his own lies and forced to accept an impossible choice - one that will leave him feminized, in chastity, with an impossible debt to pay off at the strip club he once thought such a tempting target. He’d convinced himself his nuisance lawsuits were victimless crimes - just a matter of money. Except here were his victims. Every single one of them. Strapped-on, a little tipsy, and eager to see him brought to his knees, all the women he’s wronged are going to have a hand in his punishment, and he’d better prove to be a quick learner because once he’s done, he’s needed back on stage.

If only he wasn’t starting to feel guilty.

If only he wasn’t beginning to enjoy their attentions.

If only each lap dance didn’t bring him closer to being confirmed as a sissy.

"Settling his Debts" is 18,000 words of female domination, forced feminization, chastity, pegging, and sissy submission.

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