Monday, September 7, 2020

Announcement: Social Transitioning

This summer has been an interesting one. My Goddess and I are communicating better and being more open and honest about our needs and desires. We've come to a better understanding of who we are to one another, and there's been a clearer definition of my role in our relationship. 

All of this has allowed me to be comfortable in the fluidity of my identity, and confident that I don't need to hold anything back, change who I am, or feel pressured to play an uncomfortable role. I'm feeling accepted in ways I never have before, and I'm happier than I've never been in my life.

After spending a lifetime questioning where I fit on the gender spectrum, I've very openly declared myself to be genderfluid/nonbinary, and I've begun sharing that with a wider circle of friends, family, and acquaintances, even as I break down the walls between my social profiles.

So, what does that mean for anybody reading this? I'm not changing - I'm still Sally, still submissive, and still a kinky romantic at heart - but my social presence will be. I'll still be maintaining a significant presence here, so please don't worry, but I'll also expanding my blended presence elsewhere.

Bending the Bookshelf (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram) will continue to be home to my writing, editing services, TG captions, Freebie Fetish Friday, comic reviews, author features, fetish news, and so on. This has always been my 'Sally' home, and I've made so many great friends and connections that it was important for me to adjust, rather than abandon.

Beauty in Ruins (BlogTwitterFacebookGoodreadsInstagram) will now be home to all of my book reviews, which is good news for authors and readers because it means those books and authors will be exposed to a wider audience. After maintaining separate  'Bob and 'Sally' social profiles for a dozen years, it's wonderful to break down the walls and just be me - all of me.

You'll find 'me' in both places, and you'll see a lot of sharing between the two, so please be sure to friend/follow both profiles to ensure you don't miss anything.

Finally, on a personal note, if you're in Southern Ontario and looking for a trans/nonbinary submissive to dominate, dress up with, join for a hike or bike ride, or invite to something kinky or geeky, send me a message on any of those profiles. After years of silent dreaming and longing, I am free (and eager) to play!

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