Monday, November 23, 2020

Teri’s Continued Education by Shadoman (Comics Femdom Transgender Chastity Bisexual)

With the 4th volume just having been released, and a special 5-book bundle coming soon, now seems as good a time as any to catch up with Shadoman and his illustrated saga of Teri’s Continued Education which explores not just Terri's gender transformation, but that of her dear friend Nicole and several other wayward lads, all of whom find themselves wearing satin and lace and taking it like a girl!

The story actually begins with Betrayed Nephew, in which young Terry naively agrees to become the ward of a mysterious Aunt he's never met, finding himself whisked overseas to a mansion full of beautiful women and an even more beautiful maid servant. Who knows what might (or might not) have happened if he'd only behaved himself, but after he's caught spying on the transgender servant, he finds himself drugged and on his way to being transformed against his will, assisted by his beautiful transsexual cousin, Constance. Much of this first story details his physical and mental transformation into Terri, a role he resents having to play but is conditioned to enjoy, but along with the punishment aspect there's also a twist near the end that justifies his Aunt's motives, even if not necessarily her means.

Teri’s Continued Education continues Terri's story as she begins her first semester with Constance as female students at Sir Andrew Academy for transgender girls, but it also introduces a new character in Adrian, a wayward young man who refused to allow the military to make a man of him, so now Aunt Victoria aims to make a woman of him to satisfy his debt to society. What makes this story so fun is the way it contrasts the transformation of three different characters, exploring the challenges in adjusting to a new world with their unique conditioning. There are some lovely contrasts between Terri's pleasure and Adrian's pain, as well as between Terri submitting sexually to school staff because she feels she must and the new Adriana giving herself sexually because she's been conditioned to want it. There's also the contrast between those two unwilling subjects and the genuinely transgender maid Nicole, who is seeking the final surgery to confirm her womanhood.

When the story picks up six months later in Terri’s Continued Education Part 2, Terri and Constance are doing well at Sir Andrew Academy, Nicole is returning from her final surgical augmentations, and Aunt Victoria has taken on an eager transformation subject in Dean. Once again, Shadoman plays with contrasts, this time between Nicole, whose more traditional surgical transformation is complete but who struggles to realize her own pleasure, and Deanna, whose high-tech feminization only enhances and accentuates her sexual pleasure. It is with Terri that Nicole is destined to find pleasure, an old friend turned new lover, while it's with Armound that Deanna explores her pleasure, an old lover enjoyed in a new way. I wouldn't go so far as to call this chapter romantic, as it's really about sexual exploration, but there is love behind Deanna's visit and it seems there's love brewing in Nicole's.

Released over three years, these first chapters of Teri’s Continued Education are a wonderful snapshot of Shadoman's ever-evolving talents. Facial expressions and physical mannerisms become more natural and fluid as the story progresses, the sexual positions become more varied, and the scenes - including the backgrounds - become more vibrant and diverse. It really is a wonderful storyline and one I'm anxious to conclude for your tomorrow!

Shadoman is a CG artist who enjoys telling stories through 3D comic art. Originally from the Mid-west, he now resides in Southern California. He is a Viet-Nam vet in his mid-60’s, married to a wonderful gal who is also his best friend and text editor. A film buff with an extensive library, it was his passion for film as a young teen that was his vehicle to escape and expand his own creative mind and become a storyteller.

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