Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Teri’s Continued Education by Shadoman (Comics Femdom Transgender Chastity Bisexual)


With the 4th volume just having been released, and a special 5-book bundle coming soon, now seems as good a time as any to catch up with Shadoman and his illustrated saga of Teri’s Continued Education which explores not just Terri's gender transformation, but that of her dear friend Nicole and several other wayward lads, all of whom find themselves wearing satin and lace and taking it like a girl!

As Terri’s Continued Education 3 begins, Terri and Constance are beginning their third year at the Academy while Aunt Victoria prepares for her most elaborate transformation yet with the wayward Robert. His pre-transformation helplessness a nice addition to the story, while Constance's health crisis reminds us of the complexities involved in balancing genders. Nicole becoming something of a mentor to the new Robyn is exciting, given her own transformation, and how she incorporates her relationship with Terri into that is very exciting.

Terri’s Continued Education 4, the latest (and, for now at least, final chapter) changes things up quite a bit. One, there are no new transformations to this chapter and, two, it's largely Constance's story, beginning with her memories of childhood feminization, puberty chastity, adolescent transformation, and womanly training. For those readers who are either new to the story or who've had a long wait between chapters, Constance recaps much of the first four stories, adding her own observations to the events in Terri and Nicole's lives, but it's with her impending 21st birthday, and the revelation of her mother's true plans all along, that this chapter becomes something new. With what feels like a betrayal and the threat of an arranged marriage, her future looks bleak, but Terri and Nicole are there to help her through it and, if you know Shadoman, there is indeed a happily ever after twist in store.

Released over the last two years (five in total for the whole series), these final chapters of Teri’s Continued Education are a gorgeous showcase of his talents. Clothing is rendered with such loving care, with sweaters and skirts as stunning as silky lingerie, and we get some new sci-fi enhancements to the transformation technology that are fun to marvel at. Narratively, there's so much emotion to these two chapters, the really bring home the relationships and the struggles behind the romances, putting a lovely polish on it all.

Shadoman is a CG artist who enjoys telling stories through 3D comic art. Originally from the Mid-west, he now resides in Southern California. He is a Viet-Nam vet in his mid-60’s, married to a wonderful gal who is also his best friend and text editor. A film buff with an extensive library, it was his passion for film as a young teen that was his vehicle to escape and expand his own creative mind and become a storyteller.

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