Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Adam & Eve Rechargeable Finger Vibe Review

My Goddess and I got the opportunity to try out the Rechargeable Finger Vibe from Adam & Eve this week and it was an absolute delight! 

It arrived discreetly in an unmarked box (if you’re one of those people who are concerned about what the neighbors might think), packed loosely with paper (which makes it feel something like unwrapping a present). The actual package is cute and clean, with a nice photo of the vibe on the front, and the box itself has a clever system of interlocking tabs that make it tamperproof. Seriously, if someone else has ever opened it for a peek (a concern when buying from a physical store), you’re going to know it!

If it’s been a while since you played with a rechargeable toy, finding the charging socket on these newer toys can sometimes be an adventure. They’re small and, being well-sealed against lube (or other fluids - it’s waterproof and submersible), they tend to blend in with the rest of the device. Here, though, the pink port is on the end of the silver bullet, which makes it easy to locate while still being discreet.

The power/mode button is right there on the end as well, clearly visible and nicely recessed, so it doesn’t feel obtrusive. The first time you turn it on, be prepared for a surprise because this little Finger Vibe has got a kick! It may not be on the level of the Rabbit or Magic Massager, but it’s shockingly powerful for its size.

We started our explorations with a little nipple play and, let me tell you, it was fabulous! I’ve always had the more sensitive nipples of the two of us, and I was in absolute heaven, with vibrations I could feel deep into my breast. I was a little too preoccupied for clock watching, but my Goddess must have spent a good half hour stroking me. The vibrations were even more intense between my legs, and each of the 10 escalating patterns of vibration and pulsation brought a different kind of pleasure. 

Let me tell you, I was a whimpering, mewling mess by the time she was done! 

With how comfortably and securely the Finger Vibe fit her finger, my Goddess was able to explore without having to worry about it slipping out of her grip, and with how compact it is (less than 3.5 inches long), we could comfortably press ourselves against one another without feeling like there was something in the way. I think I could have been content to have my Goddess linger there all night - the only reason we switched gears was that her finger was beginning to go numb from the vibrations! 

Speaking solely from my experience, the Finger Vibe is already my favorite vibrator. It’s the perfect size to target an area while still being powerful enough to spread its tendrils of pleasure wide and deep. Some of our larger, more powerful toys are so powerful they sometimes hurt after a while, but I found this to be exactly the right level of power to take me from teasing to sweet torment.

When it came time to switch gears, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the Finger Vibe is. I was able to trace along the edges of my Goddess’ sex, draw circles around her clitoris, and rub across all of it with total control. I was a bit concerned at how the finger mount might affect insertion, but I needn’t have worried. The length is just about right, and the upturned finger made this the perfect toy for hitting her g-spot. Even before I got there, she said the power of the vibrations was enough to spread within her and tingle that spot from a distance.

There was no sweet teasing at this point. She’d warmed herself up playing with me and she was ready to be taken over the edge – which happened within a minute of insertion. I can gauge how hard she’s cum by how frantically she bucks her hips and squeezes her thighs around my head, and the Finger Vibe had me seeing stars as I kept that finger working. It was the longest, most intense orgasm I’ve been able to provide her with in quite some time and, given how well it worked for both of us, I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

It’s worth mentioning that in our forty-five minutes of play there was no noticeable decline in power, clean-up was a breeze (it fits nicely in the mouth although you really should clean with soap and water), and it’s the perfect size to easily pop in a dresser drawer or drop into a purse for more adventurous uses later. Don’t take my word for it, though. It’s super affordable, and if you buy through the link below you can get it for half price.

Get 50% off almost any 1 adult item & FREE US/CAN shipping by using offer code BENDING at AdamAndEve.com/?sc=BENDING. 18+ Only. 

** Our Rechargeable Finger Vibe was a complimentary product, provided free-of-charge in exchange for the purposes of an honest review. We receive a small commission on all orders using the above offer code.**

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