Thursday, April 15, 2021

Erotica Book Review: Passing on a Date by Alan Barrie (crossdressing bisexual romance)

Passing on a Date
Author: Alan Barrie
Publication Date: November 1, 2020
Protagonist Gender: Transgender
Sexuality: Bisexual

Originally published nearly 40 years ago as a chapbook, Passing on a Date is now available in a new digital edition, updated for a contemporary audience by Alan Barrie. It is the memoir of Cassie (Cheryl Ann Sanders), a young crossdresser out to enjoy a three-day weekend as a woman. She doesn't considered herself a transsexual, and she's not transitioning, she's just looking to live the experience.

“All the rest of us, we only live half the possible ways of living, only see half the possible ways of seeing, only feel half the possible ways of feeling.”

There's an element of fantasy in how completely Cassie transforms herself, and how well she passes as a young woman, but there's nothing magical about it. She walks us through every step of her feminization, from tucking and shapewear to prosthetics and cosmetics, educating the reader on how to emulate her experience. Similarly, there's a lot of what I'd affectionately call clothes-porn to her story, extensive details on selecting (and wearing) the right cut, size, and style to accentuate her femininity.

Cassie's transformation is only half the story, however, and the other half is absolutely wonderful. A chance encounter turns into an opportunistic date, which turns into a second date, which leads into what seems to have the potential for romance. It's a fairy tale sort of weekend, a validation of her femininity that's absolutely glorious to witness. There are some emotional moments, including fears of being outed or discovered, and worries about violence if that's the case, but I love that the story doesn't shy away from the realities of crossdressing in a vanilla society.

The erotic aspects of the story are tastefully done and lovingly detailed, explicit enough to excite the reader, but not so much as to feel vulgar. Cassie finds the opportunity to be intimate with both a man and a woman, and those experiences are as different from one another as you might imagine, embracing different emotions and orientations.

What I loved most about Passing on a Date is the gender-positivity of it, the exploration of what it means to 'feel' like a woman. It would be all too easy to make it a story of transitioning, and I do wonder what the future holds in store for Cassie, but keeping it to a weekend crossdressing experience makes it feel that much more authentic.

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ 1/2


  1. This sounds like an absolutely fabulous book and the kind of experience that I (and I'm sure many other CDs) would long to live out! Thanks for sharing this with us:)

  2. This book was quite imaginative. I did not know it was originally published 40 years ago. This was definitely a “coming of age” novel in that Cassie goes to the big city only as a woman way out of her comfort zone to explore her femininity she has perfected over the years, perfecting her feminine clothing, makeup, voice. She had been perfecting her feminine self for three years yet just started shaving her legs…no. And man did she get lucky, sex with three persons!!! This book explored the scenario of a passable crossdresser and a man, on a date, later in bed, the timeline of his reactions from initial shock to disappointment, to his overlooking that she is a biological male to making hot passionate love to her, even introducing his four year-old son to her and planning their next meeting. I enjoyed reading this book. I even read it twice. I hope there is a sequel. Mr. Barrie I hope you are reading this!!!! Cheryl Ann can no longer continue her life as a small town assistant manager of a local grocery store…Take heed.