Monday, May 3, 2021

Erotica Book Review: Star Search by J.S. Morbius (transsexual bisexual)

Star Search
Author: J.S. Morbius
Publication Date: April 17, 2021
Protagonist Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

The first book I had the pleasure of reading from J.S. Morbius, now available again as a self-published title, Star Search is a wonderful book that's romantic, erotic, thrilling, and intriguing. There are some really nice twists to the tale that I wasn't expecting, and some real depth to the characters that gave them life well beyond the page.

At its heart, this is the tale of Joe, a gay man who hires a transsexual escort to accompany him to an office party. They head back to Joe's place after the party, and indulge in a night of passion that rivals any other transsexual encounter he's ever had. Joe wakes up determined to make her a regular part of his life, only to find her gone. Like any good love story, he tries tracking her down, but is met with a rather violent reception when he tries to get any information out of the escort service. As good a man and he is a lover, Joe is not willing to accept their refusal, and sets about trying to track down the glorious Star.

Where the story takes a major twist is with Joe going undercover to find out the truth about Star. It's a bit of a stretch to accept how quickly and easily he is transformed a passable woman, but that didn't bother me as much on rereading the story as it did the first time. Instead of chafing against the scene I found myself envious of how he picked up feminine language and mannerisms, convincing the very same escort agency that threatened him to hire him instead, 

From there, the story gets darker (even as it gets sexier), with some great scenes of reluctant threesomes and foursomes, some transsexual-on-transsexual choreographed porn, and more. As much fun as all that is, what Morbius does with the last few chapters is what makes the novel. He takes us beyond the rescue, beyond the happily-ever-after, and lets us indulge in life outside the sex trade. An altogether remarkable story, I can't recommend Star Search highly enough.

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀

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