Tuesday, June 8, 2021

NEW RELEASE - Forced Fem Quarterly: June 2021

Four stories of female domination!

9,000 words of feminization!

This is our fourth Forced Fem Quarterly and it might just be our best one yet!

The Burglars Brought Panties (Kylie Gable): Part of being a cat burglar is having the right tools for the job. When a mark is too observant for his own good, the tool of choice is women's clothing and makeup.

Domme Mom (Sally Bend): Sally tries something different in this forced feminization story with a twist. You haven't seen anything until you've met the Domme Mom and her dominas.

Andrea's Fault (Kylie Gable and Claudia Acosta): Some women are supportive when they learn about their man's crossdressing. Some even use it to their advantage.

The Prostate Exam (Missy Powell): Our newest writer pens her debut story! Doctor Alexandra is an OB-Gyn with an unusual hobby. She loves feminizing men.

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