Saturday, October 23, 2021

REVISED & UPDATED - Her for the Holidays by Sally Bend

With the original edition coming up on its first birthday, I took the opportunity to give HER FOR THE HOLIDAYS a seasonal refresh. It's newly polished, with 5 new pages of expanded scenes and additional content, all wrapped up in a gorgeous new cover!

Newly widowed during the age of COVID, Felicia gave up a good job and took a significant pay cut to be able to work from home - and, more importantly, transition in private. Without the pressure of having to face friends and colleagues every day, quarantine was supposed to be her opportunity to embrace her transition. When a surprise return to the office is announced, she's not ready.

With her legal paperwork and name change still pending, she's stuck living a lie that she promised herself was forever behind her.

There's only one woman at the office she hopes to impress, a friend to whom she hoped to one day come out, but a misunderstanding makes a bad situation already worse. Can she fix things? Can she turn the holidays around? Can she rescue a friendship and, just maybe, find romance?

HER FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a sweet lesbian romance about a transgender woman coming out, falling in love, and celebrating the season.

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