Monday, November 15, 2021

Erotica Book Review: A Lesbian Orientation by Jordan Church (lesbian femdom petplay)

Title: A Lesbian Orientation
Author: Jordan Church
Publication Date: Feb 2, 2020
Protagonist Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Fetishes: Forced Bisexuality, Female Domination, Pet Play

A Lesbian Orientation collects the first 3 books of the Teen Lesbians Taking Over series by Jordan Church, and it's a kinky blend of lesbian seduction and female domination that explores a battle of wills between two college freshmen. Cara is a good, upstanding role model, a young woman who has been tasked with setting a positive 'straight' example to her lesbian roommate. Mindy, though, is stronger than either woman has counted on, and she uses a combination of mind games, blackmail, and seduction to turn her new roommate instead.

It's a slow seduction and a gradual, reluctant, troubled sort of transformation that takes all three books to be fully realized, and that makes this so much more powerful. There's a lot of kink and fantasy here, but it's rooted in realism, with nothing but the natural power of a confident, dominant lesbian driving it all. Mindy is as clever as she is patient, and she understands Cara far more than the other woman suspects. She knows just which buttons to push, and just how and where to press her roommate's limits.

Masturbation, voyeurism, and erotic teasing slowly wear down Cara's defenses, putting her in an increasingly difficult position. Mindy plays on her sense of honesty and decency, making deals where every word of their agreement is carefully chosen. The other woman can walk away at any time, but she's too responsible to break her word and violate their agreements. Had it just been Mindy and Cara, things might not have gone as far as they do, but with another dominant lesbian and her pet roommate to provide an erotic example, Cara finds her curiosity growing - and that's where this gets fun.

This opening arc of Teen Lesbians Taking Over is smart, sexy, and seductive, a fun exploration of a good girl's inevitable descent into lesbian submission. Fortunately, A Lesbian Orientation is just the beginning, and there's more fun to come!

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ 

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