Monday, November 8, 2021

Erotica Book Review: Snowfall by Benson E. Wolf (maledom)

Author: Benson E. Wolf
Publication Date: Oct 31, 2021
Protagonist Gender: Male/Female
Sexuality: Straight
Fetishes: Maledom, Brat

I've read a lot of Benson E. Wolf over the last year, and I've spent a lot of time appreciating the dark beauty that is Snowfall, so trust me when I say it is absolutely fabulous work!

This is an intense book, a story that's as dark and edgy as a cold winter night, but it's also one with all the heat and passion of a cozy fireplace, albeit it one that's burning too hot, and threatening to overwhelm you. What makes it all work so very well is the dynamic between Cyrus, the Daddy Dom, and Miranda, the bratty young woman who is so determined to transform a holiday cuffing into a full-on relationship.

There's a fantastic will they/won't they tease to the opening chapters, an escalation of flirting and denial where Miranda drops all the hints, double entendres, and sexual innuendo she can possibly slip into a conversation, while Cyrus struggles to remain deliberately obtuse to her interest. It's amusing the lengths to which Miranda goes to make her point, the ridiculous stunts she pulls to get his attention, but when she finally gets it . . . hot damn, Cyrus turns the tables fast and hard, showing her exactly the kind of rough, possessive, aggressive sex she's in for - and she instantly craves more! We're talking deep, gagging oral sex, hardcore punishment, erotic torture, and the pushing of her limits. If Wolf doesn't make you gasp or cringe at least once, then you should probably seek some professional help. For the rest of us, those fearful moments make the intimate, emotional ones all the more satisfying.

Tied up with this kinky Daddy Dom romance is a pair of family dramas that are surprisingly intense and powerful. Cyrus is a lonely widower with a dark past, and the more we learn about it and his dead wife, the darker and more sorrowful it becomes. He also has two teenage children, scarred in their own way by that past, and Cyrus does a superb job of contrasting the natural, wholesome, parental themes of being a father with the erotic, fetish themes of being a Daddy. Tied up in all of that is the drama of parents, siblings, and inlaws, all of which shape the story. There is also a second, found-family sort of drama involving Miranda and her friends back in Vegas, and that is where the real darkness and suspense come in. I won't spoil a moment of it, but there are a few pivotal scenes that will leave you gasping and wondering if everyone in this story is going to come out of it alive.

All of that - the sex, the romance, and the family dramas - slowly come together into a story that grows deeper and more significant as it progresses. Wolf makes us feel for these characters, and the better we get to know them, the more we worry about their future together. Now, I realize that sounds like a lot of darkness and drama - and it is - but it's balanced with romance, genuine human feelings, and generous doses of humor. In many ways, Snowfall is like a ride, one with highs and lows, fast spots and slow spots, and moments of both exhilaration and terror, but well-paced to keep us moving between them all.

If you're eager to binge, you can order the complete Snowfall paperback now, but if you'd like to enjoy the series with the tease of what could possibly be next, you can indulge in each of the 5 digital novellas as they're released!

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀

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