Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Erotica Book Review: Magic In Her Kisses by Ruan Willow (lesbian agegap)

: Magic In Her Kisses
Author: Ruan Willow
Publication Date: Jan 19, 2022
Protagonist Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Fetishes: Age Gap, BDSM

Out of all the books I've had the pleasure of seeing take shape, this is one of my absolute favorites. Magic In Her Kisses is a slow-burn, taboo-teasing romance that brings together two very different women and increasingly pits their relationship against social expectations as lust turns to love. Ruan Willow has a wonderful style of writing that makes reading this a pleasure, and an affection for her characters that's infectious.

Alicia and Maddie are just wonderful, opposites in just about every respect, including what you might expect of their personalities. College student Alicia is the aggressor, the pursuer, and the more experienced lover, while professor Maddie is the one who has to learn about the pleasure of loving another woman and the intricacies of a BDSM power exchange. There's a sweetly clinical aspect to Maddie's nerdiness that plays very well against Alicia's youthful brattiness. 

It's that power exchange that made my heart sing, especially because it feels so genuine. There's a lot of learning and experimentation here as both women seek to understand their roles and their responsibilities, complete with mastering the use of safewords and aftercare. This isn't a 24/7 erotic fantasy of whips and chains but a realistic romance where the power exchange is just another means of exploring intimacy, and that means awkward missteps, laugh-out-loud moments, and feelings of sheer wonder are all involved. 

The erotic scenes - and there are a lot of them! - are beautifully written, with passionate dialogue and gorgeous visuals. It's a very oral story, but there are plenty of toys and spankings and body worship as well. Encounters are often frantic and hungry, taking advantage of opportunities as they arise, but when either woman has time to plan and prepare, that's where we find the Magic In Her Kisses.

In terms of plot, most of the story is about two women indulging their passions, giving in to their lust, and enjoying the novelty of one another. Emotional attachment comes slowly, in fits and starts, but once the relationship shifts into the realm of love, that's where the challenges come in to confront the taboos. Colleagues, families, and strangers all have issues with their love, and when jobs and futures are put at stake, that's where the line is drawn between infatuation and intimacy.

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ 

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