Sunday, May 15, 2022

ANNOUNCING: Crowdfunding for a new Forced Feminization Comic by Bex!

If you're a fan of BEX's erotic forced feminization comics, which I've had the pleasure of reading and reviewing for more than 4 years, then he needs your support.

An exclusive new comic from BEX is available exclusively through a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule

Why crowdfunding? Because BEX would like to offer his readers a new, previously unpublished, comic at a cheaper price than he can offer on any of the sites that usually host his comics. Not only that, but crowdfunding supporters will have a chance at a personalized dedication!

The new comic will be in ENGLISH, which is where I come in. If Bex is successful with his crowdfunding, then I'll be working with him to polish that translation and make it as sexy, kinky, and enjoyable as we can!

The comic will be 23 color pages plus a sexy cover, in a digital PDF format, in the same hardcore, torrid style that characterizes all BEX stories. The comic will be available about a month after the crowdfunding effort successfully ends.

What's the comic about, you ask? 

Peter goes to a private club that offers its guests the most intriguing of sexual experiences. To increase the excitement, members may be randomly chosen to be transformed into sensual transvestites, forced to satisfy everyone's sexual cravings. That’s precisely what happens to Peter, who will discover that feminization is a long path, one that will force him to explore the most forbidden of sexual practices...

Please contribute today!

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