Sunday, August 21, 2022

Erotica Book Review: T-Girl Tales #7 by Crystal Veeyant (femdom, sissy, shemale)

T-Girl Tales #7
Author: Crystal Veeyant
Publication Date: Aug 18, 2022
Protagonist Gender: Sissy/Shemale
Sexuality: Bisexual
Fetishes: Femdom, Feminization, Gangbang

Her first new collection of erotic fiction in 3 years, T-Girl Tales #7 proves Crystal Veeyant is still the undisputed Queen of hardcore, taboo-breaking, sissy and shemale erotica. Her stories are the sweetest sort of trashy smut, full of adorable submissives who find themselves in the kinds of situations that would be terrifying nightmares for some, but arousing fantasies for the rest of us.

The collection opens with Jackie of the Jungle, a novella-length tale of adventure, betrayal, and sexual submission. Jack Coe (soon to be Jacqueline) is a young reporter who begins his descent into depravity by confronting a 'family values' Senator about his love for androgynous twinks, and then foolishly falls into the older man's trap, joining the CIA for an 'exclusive' in South America. Before long he's the captive of a powerful man who enjoys transforming young men into sissies and shemales. There's an edge to the story, an underlying threat of crime, but we know Jacqueline is never in any real danger, and the whole erotic adventure of becoming bottom-girl is sex-positive and trans-positive. 

Endless Sissy Summer was my favorite story, a taboo fantasy of George (soon to be Georgette), a young man with secrets, shoplifting, and crossdressing among them, but it's voyeurism that gets him caught - and punished! His sexy neighbor, Mistress Sabrina, has secrets of her own, but her threats of blackmail and humiliation are really just an excuse to fulfill one another's deepest, darkest, more depraved fantasies. As she tells him at one out, “I cure them of their need to be normal,” and that simple statement says so much! This one was so cute and sexy and twisty, an absolute dream come true. 

Pirate's Life is a short story sequel to Shemale Bride - you don't need to have enjoyed that to appreciate this, but why deny yourself the pleasure! Carla (once Carl) is now the happy bride of Jacki, her sissy husband, and the submissive shemale cabin girl of Mel, a perverted pirate who also happens to be her step-sister. The perverted pirate is only one mistake away from misogynistic mutiny, and when disaster strikes, it's Carla to the rescue, and that rescue involves being used and abused by an entire pirate's crew - which, rest assured, she doesn't mind in the slightest!

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ ♀ 

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  1. Looks like more delightful one-handed reading! Crystal Veeyant is such a wonderful perverse writer with real story telling skillz!