Saturday, September 10, 2022

NEW RELEASE: Forced Fem Quarterly September 2022

Our ninth Forced Fem Quarterly hits the bookshelf with 5 brand-new stories with 12,000 words of domination and feminizing excitement. This collection gives our writers a chance to write shorter tales than our usual 6,000-word stories. It's a great chance for us to write different types of stories while still keeping our trademark wicked women and their simpering sissies. Most stories are complete, but two of these stories are serialized

From Bully to Bras: Peter is out of control until his mother's old sorority sister teaches him some old fashioned disciplined to make him toe the line, even if he's doing it in high heels. (Mindi Harris)

The Post Woman: A dominatrix who is tired of her mailman decides to teach him a lesson he'll never forget (Mistress DJ)

The Jaguar Meets Her Match: The Jaguar and Katsumi are finally back and this time, The Jaguar faces a foe who also knows her way about feminizing men. As a victim recounts his experience, The Jaguar realizes she may have finally met her match (Kylie Gable and Claudia Acosta)

Cougars and Coeds Part 2: If you are a young college boy, be careful about signing employment contracts from strange older women at resorts with amazing security. (Sally Bend)

Teacher's Pet: A professor discovers that her student wants her to dominate and feminized him. She's happy to oblige. . (Kylie Gable)

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