Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Book Review: Southern Chastity by L.D. Cub (erotics, BDSM, chastity)

Southern Chastity
Author: L.D. Cub
Publication Date: April 13, 2021
Genres: Erotics
Protagonist Gender: Male
Fetishes: Maledom, Chastity, BDSM

Chastity is an underappreciated and often underestimated kink. When you come across it in erotica, it's usually something that men have to be coerced (or forced) into, usually with some sort of emasculation or humiliation attached. 

With Southern ChastityL.D. Cub explores a power exchange dynamic where men enter into chastity willingly, sometimes even eagerly, and does so in a positive manner. Instead of being something that makes them lesser men, chastity is explored as something that accentuates their submission and empowers them to become more focused on providing pleasure. 

Matt is the protagonist of the story, a gay submissive who experiments with chastity and immediately discovers the appeal. When he meets Sir John, a local dominant who trains submissive men to embrace permanent chastity, he discovers how orgasm control and denial can contribute to his focus and attention as a bottom, and that year-long journey is what drives the story.

Sir John is a wonderful dominant, a man with the perfect blend of power, authority, compassion, and understanding. He pushes his chastity subs, driving them to explore new kinks and fetishes as part of their submission, and provides them with a supportive mentorship framework. It's not just about locking them up and using them, it's about creating a community and empowering them to share themselves with any men who desire to use them.

There's definitely some fantasy here, with the chastity subs becoming free-use bottoms for any man who asks, never worrying about condoms or STDs, but there's also a realistic portrayal of the need for cleaning, lubrication, stretching, and dealing with the pain beneath the pleasure. It gets edgy at times, with submissives pushed beyond their limits, but consent is always asked, confirmed, and sometimes reconfirmed.

For all its kinks and erotic encounters, though, Southern Chastity is first and foremost a character-driven story, and it's the personalities that keep you reading. There's also a wonderful camaraderie explored among the subs, with genuine friendships and even an adorable non-sexual romance. You'll come (or not, as the case may be) for the chastity, stay for the rough and messy sex, but it's the relationships you'll remember. 

Rating: ♀ ♀ ♀ 

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