Review Requests (and more)

Whether you are an author or a publisher, I would love to hear from you!

My passion is for authors and stories that bend social constructs of gender and sexuality, expressing the unique beauty of transgender, nonbinary, and intersex identities, while celebrating our diverse lives and loves - particularly those that incorporate a BDSM power exchange. 

I identify as feminine and am attracted to the same, so you'll most often find me reading about women (trans/cis) and femmes, especially those stories that explore WLW/lesfic romances and femdom relationships.

As for genres, my shelves range from mainstream genre fiction to the kinky corners of fetish erotica and sweet-and-sappy romance. 

In addition to being a regular reviewer, I am proud to have been a judge in the Rainbow, Golden Crown Literary Society, and Lambda Literary Awards many times over.

My posts are cross-promoted on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, while my reviews are cross-posted to Amazon, Indigo, and Goodreads.

While I don't review quite as fast and furiously as I used to (my editing and proofreading clients always come first), if you have a book to share, celebrate, promote, or review, please let me know and I'd be happy to discuss.


  1. Hi, I've recently written an erotic short with an intersex character and I'm wondering if there's a market for male characters with vaginas, as I love this theme and would like to write more. It'd be really helpful if you could mention it on your blog, it seems like the kind of stuff that would fit here. I can be found at

    1. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, hon - your comment got flagged for moderation. It's not a scenario we see too often, but I love the idea. I would be delighted to give your Cuntboy Classics a read/review.

      I love that title! Tee-hee! :)

  2. Dear Sally, I like your reviews of serious adult erotic literature. ^^ I wonder if you might consider reviewing a work that's aimed at early teenage readers? Sure, I guess it is a bit immature and "juvenile," maybe not the best writing. But don't a lot of TG feelings start to blossom after boys and girls start to hit puberty and question who they are and who they will become?

    And don't we want to hug those teens to let them that these "forbidden" thoughts and questions about gender are okay?

    There's a great little book, a teen novel really, called _Gender Blender_, by Blake Nelson (2006). It's teen silly, definitely PG-rated, and it's funny, and it's like good bathroom reading material. ^^

    Basically, Gender Blender is a story of how Emma and Tom, two teenaged friends, swap bodies. Tom has to learn how to put on a bra, and Emma has to learn what it's like to be a "jock."

    I will quote from the back cover of my paperback copy of _Gender Blender_: "Emma wants Jeff Matthews to notice her. She hates sexist boys. And she wonders when she'll get her period. Tom must get on the baseball team. He can't stand the Grrlzillas. And he wants to kiss Kelly A."
    Then freak accident happens on a trampoline, and they switch bodies....
    Quoting again: "Emma can't believe she has a....thingie. She hates mean girls. And she finds out that Tom just got her period. Tom must learn to put on a bra. He has to deal with Emma's weird family. And he must avoid getting kissed by Jeff M."

    Here's the Amazon link to the little book, which is a slim volume of just 182 pages:

    What do you think, Sally? Is it too silly to take a good hard look at some teen lit like this?

    1. Oh, I have no problem with juvenile and a silly, and you're totally right about that age when we begin to question, wonder, and explore. I will definitely look into giving it a read!

  3. Good day, I'm Char and I write gender non-conforming women loving women characters. I wondered if you'd be interested in reviewing a story starring a masculine presenting nonbinary prostitute who meets another kindred spirit, a masculine presenting stone butch, who they fall in love with? It's a romance/erotica with a side of suspense sprinkled with violence. Thanks!

  4. Hi there! I came across your website after seeing your review of "Futas and their Femboys" by Alice Layne. I was wondering if you knew of a way to get that series as I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

    1. Happy to help! She's republished that series in her Futa Megabundle: Fertile Futas and More!