Sally Bend - Editor

Sally Bend - Editor for Hire

When it comes to editing, any decent editor can provide the basics, correcting your punctuation, capitalization, hyphen usage, split infinitives, dialogue, and more. 

Any good editor can go a step beyond, advising you on point-of-view shifts, mid-story name or pronoun shifts, and why words like 'really' and 'very' are lazy (and what to do about them).

An experienced romance/erotica editor does all those things, but we're also not going to gasp at your wildest fantasies, balk at your most depraved thoughts, or blush at the deepness of your intimacy. You can't shock or embarrass us (but we love it when you try)!

  • We know why 'Mistress' or 'Master' are capitalized in the context of a BDSM power-exchange
  • We're sensitive to LGBTQIA themes and characters
  • We understand that 'come' is erotica and 'cum' is smut
  • We're familiar with pronoun usage for trans/non-binary characters
  • We know human anatomy and can keep your sexual experience real
  • We're aware of how context can define terms like 'sissy' as either a slur or term of affection
  • We know the difference between sexual fantasy and SFF magical fantasy and can manage both

Only an experienced romance/erotica editor can get under the covers with you and coax your story to the heights of ecstasy. With over 100 stories edited over the last 3 years, I would be honored to snuggle up with your story and delighted to get intimate with your words.


Proofreading & Copyediting: Reviewing your manuscript for spelling, grammar, word choice/usage, punctuation, and formatting (fonts, spacing, breaks, etc.).

Substantive/Developmental editing: Proofreading and Copyediting plus line-by-line editing and advice on structural issues like flow, theme, jargon, tenses, repetition, point-of-view, and more.


Proofreading & Copyediting ($20 USD / $25 CAD per hour)

  • Approximately 10k words per hour
    • prorated for shorter works

Substantive/Developmental editing ($45 USD / $55 CAD per hour)

  • Approximately 5k words per hour
    • includes Proofreading & Copyediting

Payment accepted via PayPal or Interac Interac e-Transfer. 

    Contact me (mxsallybend[at]@gmail[dot]com) for booking details.

        Confidentiality and discretion assured. Pen-names and pseudonyms respected.


"Sally is amazing to work with! Not only will she give correct your grammar and fix mistakes in your copy, but will also give you feedback on how to improve your manuscripts! She’s always speedy when it comes to edits and keeps great communication! Work with her now!" - Courtney Captisa

"Even though I'm a very small publisher, I put out close to 100 new erotic books a year and I'm a terrible editor. I can't express my gratitude enough for the tremendous job that Sally Bend has done editing manuscripts for me. She has a real talent for language and an eye for detail.  Her speed is amazing and she is always professional. I'm thrilled to have her editing for me." - Kylie Gable, Candy Apple Press

"I've worked with Sally for a number of years and what I can tell any author is... go with her and never look back.  In addition to being a fantastic editor and honest critic, she is very knowledgeable about the specific subject matter.  She can instantly identify areas of a story that can be improved with more detail or less detail.  She is someone who can proofread a story for grammar and provide color and substance to add value to a story and make any writer a best seller." - M.C. Questgend

“Sally Bend is an exemplary proofreader and editor. She’s helped me several times with timely, high-quality work. As an accomplished author, she has a profound understanding of how stories should flow, and she provides helpful, well-considered suggestions. Hire Sally with confidence. You won’t regret it.” - Mindi Harris

"Mx. Sally, author and editor extraordinaire, never let me settle for 'good enough' and pushed me to find the story in the smut. Don't let her sweet submissive nature fool you - she's an editorial dominatrix who cracks a serious word whip!- Bobbi Mare

"Sally gives very good developmental editing along with copywriting if you are looking for someone to look over your erotic work! Benson E Wolf


In addition to being an experienced erotica editor, I'm also an experienced book reviewer across multiple genres with a passion for erotica. If you've trusted me to provide a substantive/developmental edit, then I already know your characters and their story and would be delighted to provide an honest review free-of-charge.


  1. Hi Sally,
    Do you only edit etc for erotica?
    I have a MM romance I should be finishing up soon, and whilst it isn't classified as erotica, it is mature themed with several sex scenes in it.

    1. Oh, not at all, hon! Just as happy to edit romance as erotica. Pop me a note! :)